Reach New Heights!

How many hats do you wear? Is spending hours promoting your business on social media one of them?

There’s no doubt that Facebook marketing is one of the fastest, most affordable ways to achieve your business goals. Using paid advertising you can reach people for as little as a penny per prospect?

If you’re serious about running successful ad campaigns to build your business, it’s time to call in a professional! While agencies charge 5-6 figures for services and advertising budgets, self-employed Facebook Marketers don’t. If you’re already running ad campaigns, or just considering getting help, contact me. We can discuss your goals and how to accomplish them using some advanced marketing strategies.

What To Expect From The Process

Learn Your Business

    • Your story is uniquely yours! In order to tell it and sell it, I need to know it. Some “standard” ads work well but a personalized ad will evoke far more emotion and better connect with prospects. We’ll identify profiles of your current customers to help create the perfect prospect to target. It helps to know:

    • Exactly who are your customers?
    • What is the lifetime value of a customer?
    • Who is your best, most profitable customer?
    • Why are they your best customer?
    • What do they desire the most when they call you?
    • What are they afraid of most?
    • What is your solution for the best customer?
    • Are there other solutions that would appeal to them?

Identify Your Advertising Goals

    • Objectives let Facebook’s learning algorithm know who you’re looking for, then serves your ad to prospects most likely to take the appropriate action.

    • Facebook Likes
    • Offers, Specials, Coupons
    • Generate Leads
    • Promote Your Event
    • Build An Email List
    • Connect Through Messenger
    • Drive Website Traffic
    • View Your Video

  • facebook advertising objectives

Design Your Ad

  • Facebook’s Ad Manager allows for 4:5 and square video, single photo, carousel photos/vids, or a slideshow video of up to 10 photos. Video ads always out perform photo ads. First, they occupy more screen space. Second, they catch attention. Third, they allow you to create a custom audience of people who watched a certain percentage. Why is that important? You paid to warm an audience. Now we re-target them.

Tell Your Story and Make Your Offer

  • Realize that people who see a passive ad, like a Facebook sponsored post, might be in your audience, but they’re unlikely in the mindset to buy. If they’re on Facebook, they’re probably skimming through their friends’ baby pictures. Facebook ads, like other passive ads, require a “hook”. An attention-grabbing headline that speaks to people’s desire or pain point. It’s important to give them a jaw-dropping offer they can’t pass up. The image/video catches their attention. The offer and copy closes them. I present your solution in the most provocative way and keep it short, concise and relevant. The ad is focused on one goal. Emotionally connect with prospects and tell them what you want them to do (call to action).

Target Your Best Prospects

    • Targeting options are plentiful! Include or exclude current client emails, phone numbers and your page followers. Target Interests, Demographics, Personal Behaviors and Life Events;

    • Age, Gender, Location
    • Work, Income, Education
    • Homeowners, Parents, Pet Owners
    • Friends and Friends Of Followers
    • Hobbies, Activities, Travel
    • Food Preferences, Shopping, Fashion
    • Health, Fitness, Entertainment

Scalable Solutions That Grow With Your Business

Facebook Ad Management Plans Include:

    • Ad Graphics Design
    • Video Ads
    • Copy writing
    • Interest Targeting and Exclusion Targeting
    • Geographic and Demographic Targeting
    • Custom Audience Re-Targeting
    • Look-a-Like Audiences (national only)
    • Ad Spend Management
    • Promotional Re-Targeting Funnels
    • Email Lead Capture integrated with Mailchimp
    • Bi-weekly Reporting
    • All Tampa area plans include:
      Photo shoot, 20-30 photos
      Video shoot, 30 min. onsite
      Video Ad, 20-30 seconds, Square and 4:5 format for Facebook & Instagram
      Graphic Design
    • No Set-up Fees
      20% Discount with 6 month or longer contract

      30-Day Money Back Guarantee*(management fee only)
  • Small Business

    3 month contract required

    • FB Ad Management Plan with
    • 1 New Video Ad per mo
    • 3 Adsets Managed per mo
    • 4 Engagement posts per mo
    • 1 Location
      $300 per Additional Location


    Plus advertising budget of
    $300 to $1,500 mo

    Get Started
  • Business Plus

    No Contract, Mo to Mo

    • FB Ad Management Plan with
    • 2 New Videos per mo
    • 6 Adsets Managed per mo
    • 4 Engagement Posts per mo
    • Messenger Bot Set Up
    • Custom Landing Page Linked to Ad for Email Capture
    • 1-2 Locations
      $300 additional locations


    Plus advertising budget of
    $300 to $4,000 mo

    Get Started
  • Ecommerce

    No Contract, Mo to Mo

    • FB Ad Management Plan with
    • Professional photo shoot, 60-80 product photos
    • Custom Landing Page with Lead Capture to Email/Messenger
    • Messenger Bot Set-up
    • Carousel Ads linked to
      Your Product Catalog
    • Custom Plans Available

    30% of ad budget/mo

    Advertising budget of
    $4,000 – $6,000 mo

    Get Started

Common Questions

  • When is payment due?

    Payment is required before any ads are created or placed in service. The service fee must be paid at the beginning of each month for ads to run. Advertising budgets can be adjusted throughout the month but must be paid in advance of any ads running.

    How long before my ads are running?

    Ads can be running in 2 days after the photo shoot. Video ads can take up to 4 days for editing after we receive videos and/or photos.

    What if the ads aren’t working?

    You hire me to make sure they work! I don’t post and pray. I test and test again with small dollar amounts. The process of Facebook advertising includes creating the right ad, offering the right deal with the right ad copy for the right audience. Then prospects claim the deal and finally do business with you. When one step in the process is not working, it gets reworked. Several ads are created with multiple target audiences to determine what works best with your prospects. I ensure every step in the process is working as best as it can for maximum ROI.

  • Do you post on my social media accounts?

    Yes but limited. Facebook favors friends and family interaction. Certain business posts such as Events and Live Video still show on follower’s newsfeeds but regular, daily business posts only reach 5%-10% of your followers. As newsfeed space competes for your attention, organic reach for businesses has been given the lowest priority. Therefore, we limit regular, unpaid posts on your business page.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    If you have a no contract plan, you can cancel anytime. Remaining prepaid advertising budgets will be used to finish running any current campaign. Service fees are only refundable during the first 30 days of doing business with us.